About PRIME Payment Processing

About PRIME Payment Processing

If you accept it, we process it.

What kind of a partner would we be if we couldn’t process what you accept? That’s why Prime has grown to be a reliable and secure payment processor for merchants everywhere. Brick and mortar and etailers alike rely on Prime’s robust suite of payment processing solutions.

Processing All Payment Types

Prime is a full service provider of credit and debit card payment processing and other related business services to merchants based in Utah.

For Businesses of All Shapes & Sizes

We offer a “one stop shop” designed to provide merchants with innovative services, technology, and superior customer service for a wide variety of businesses.

Reach Out To Us!

Visit our Contact page if you’d like to drop us a line, ask any questions, or contact our Prime team.

With Prime Payment Processing we build a personal relationship out of a commodity business.

 We’re Business owners ourselves with over 20 years of experience solving tough problems just like yours. As a broker agent since 2001, we have more customizable solutions that are safe, secure and less expensive; we customize to fit your need. Not ours. We can safely transition your business within 48 hours taking away the frustrations and confusion you feel with your current provider.

Work Directly with the Owners

We’ve been owners for 20 years, we’re not sales people. We are intentionally small so that we can work with you on your level, business owner to business owner.

To speak with us, fill out the form or call 801.318.8801

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